Distinguishing pulmonary rehabilitation from chest physiotherapy in the African context

04 Jan 2024

Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) are highly prevalent in low- and middle-income countries. In Africa, the burden of CRDs is set to worsen due to an increase in smoking prevalence and household air pollution. Chest physiotherapy (CP) and pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) are used to manage CRDs in Africa, but distinguishing between these terms is not clear common among health-care professionals (HCPs) and patients. Here, we provide clarity on the differences between PR and CP to facilitate a greater understanding of PR and remove barriers to research and implementation of PR across Africa. CP is a treatment aimed at clearing secretions within airways of the lungs, while PR, through exercise training, education and self-management, treats extrapulmonary or systemic impairments. We know that there is a need for PR among people living with CRDs in Africa. However, health professionals’ knowledge and training in PR remains insufficient. To implement PR services for people with CRDs in Africa, a strong understanding of what PR is, and its evidence base are needed. The development of PR in Africa will start by filling the gaps in knowledge, awareness, advocacy, and training.

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Abbi-Monique Mamani Bilungula‚Äč1, Mark W. Orme2, Fanuel M. Bickton3, Bruce Kirenga4, Jamie Rylance3, Ilaria Pina2, Sally J. Singh2, Winceslaus Katagira4