Bucharest Research School 2019

We facilitate and conduct research, and work with partners on large international research projects. We have also established an Expert Research Faculty to mentor early- and mid-career researchers.

We run regular research schools at our scientific meetings, and help connect  researchers with research opportunities.   The Malaysian prize winners of our first research school in Singapore 2015 are now undertaking PhDs in Edinburgh, and have begun to publish in our journal.

We believe that knowledge transfer depends on bridging different networks. We therefore offer an important bridge into primary care networks to:

  • Identify research needs
  • Support research prioritization
  • Advise on implementation
  • Recruit to trials
  • Assist in the analysis of results
  • Disseminate results
  • Contribute to the transfer and uptake of new knowledge to improve respiratory health. 

Following our successful implementation science bid to EU Horizon 2020 for FRESH AIR in Uganda, Crete, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan, we led the stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer work package, working with the European Lung Foundation.  We have introduced colleagues to 12 different national primary care networks in three UK NIHR global health programmes; we lead the dissemination programme of NIHR Breathe Well and NIHR RECHARGE, and we co-lead the stakeholder engagement programme of NIHR RESPIREHeader, influencing the research agenda.

At WHO-GARD and the European Parliament, we continue to make the case for the primary care perspective. We are arguing for research funding to address inequitable access to care; local contexts including the environment, power, respect and access to medicines; multimorbidity; implementation of right care that provides value to the population and the individual, and is affordable. 

We are currently developing a new research needs statement on the prioritised research questions that would lead to improved primary respiratory care.