How we breathe

These animations from the charity International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) have been designed for healthcare professionals to help patients improve their “breathing literacy”. It is not always easy to understand drawings, so the moving images enable you to see all round the body.

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Feedback comments

“I absolutely love the film, it really gives a great insight into the lungs and will be so helpful for people new (and experienced) looking after lung health. I have shared it with my A&LUK colleagues as well.

Maggie Harris, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Asthma & Lung UK and trainer

How we breathe

How we breathe - video transcription


Behind the scenes

Creating IPCRG's debut film -  How We Breathe - was a journey of discovery. Don't miss the chance to go behind the camera and watch behind-the-scenes videos featuring interviews with authors Siân Williams (original idea and script) and Steve Dey (production and 3D art & animation) and discover how it all came together.

Original idea by Siân Williams, written by Siân Willians and Noel Baxter, narrated by Siân Williams.

Production and 3D Animation by Steven Dey, ThinkSee3D Ltd

Clinical Collaborators Julia Bott, Clare Cook, Darush Attar-Zadeh

Funded by International Primary Care Respiratory Group

IPCRG would like to thank all the contributors who have advised and offered their views in the making of this video.

Ultimately, IPCRG takes full responsibility for the final script and visuals presented in this video.

This video is to be used as an educational resource to promote the sharing of information between clinicians, or as an aid for clinicians to educate a patient or a group of patients. It does not constitute, and should not be regarded as clinical guidance, diagnosis or personal medical advice.

This video is provided under Creative Commons Licence BY-NC-SA. IPCRG must be credited for any elements of the film used. If you would like to use the film for commercial purposes, please contact businessmanager [at] ipcrg [dot] org

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