Desktop Helpers

Desktop Helpers (formerly called IPCRG Opinion Papers) are user-friendly information sheets developed by the IPCRG, working with clinicians, patients and clinical educators. These:

  • provide practical guidance and support for clinicians working in primary care on different aspects of the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases
  • are all based on evidence and provide links to further resources

Desktop Helpers are available on the following topics (click the images at the bottom of this page to view the relevant Desktop Helper and its translations, if these are available):

  • General respiratory care, treatment and management
    • Women and respiratory disease – a sex and gender perspective (Desktop Helper No. 1)
    • Spirometry 
    • Palliative care 
    • Remote Respiratory Consultations
  • Diagnosis
    • Predicting diagnosis in primary care patients suspected of obstructive respiratory disease (Desktop Helper No. 5)
  • Tobacco
    • Helping patients quit tobacco (Desktop Helper No. 4 - 3rd edition)
  • Asthma
    • Difficult to manage asthma (Desktop Helper No. 2)
    • Personalised care: adults with asthma (Desktop Helper No. 9)
  • COPD
    • Evaluation of appropriateness of inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) therapy in COPD and guidance on ICS withdrawal (Desktop Helper No. 6)
    • Pulmonary Rehabilitation in the community (Desktop Helper No. 7)
    • Improving care for women with COPD: guidance for primary care (Desktop Helper No. 8)
    • Rational use of inhaled medications for the patient with COPD and multiple comorbid conditions: guidance for primary care (Desktop Helper No. 10)
    • Early diagnosis of COPD