Set up a national group

If you intend to set up a national primary care organisation, IPCRG is happy to provide advice and guidance.

To become a full member of IPCRG, national care organisations need to meet 10 criteria - see How to Join. If you are at an earlier stage in your organisation’s development, there are a number of questions that are useful to consider:


  • Who is your organisation for?
  • How will you build a database of members
  • What is the organisation for?
  • What respiratory interests will you represent?
  • What will you be called?
  • Where will you be based?
  • How will you make decisions?
  • How will you get things done?
  • How will you be funded?
  • How and what will you communicate?
  • Who leads the organisation?
  • What are your values?
  • Do you have a business plan?


Our Guidance On Setting Up A National Primary Care Respiratory Group by IPCRG CEO Si├ón Williams, discusses these issues in more detail.