Personalised care

Personalised care for adults with asthma

IPCRG has developed a package of resources to support primary care professionals to provide personalised care to adults with asthma. Personalised care identifies what is most important to each person and ensures that they receive care designed for their individual needs and preferences. By providing personalised care, clinicians can support patients to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health. This is particularly important as evidence shows that patients’ ability to manage their asthma has a major impact on their outcomes including asthma control, exacerbations, hospital admissions and quality of life.

The IPCRG developed these resources with European experts with experience of asthma care, including GPs, primary care nurses, community pharmacists, health economists and patients. These experts took part in an experience-led care meeting that considered the evidence identified (see above).

This was funded from an educational grant from GSK.

Published May 2018