Benefits of joining

By joining the IPCRG network, your organisation and its members will  have access to benefits reserved for IPCRG members.

These benefits include:

  • Opportunities to participate in a range of research projects financed by a variety of different public and private funders.
  • Access to our network of 125,000 primary care professionals worldwide.
  • Opportunities to attend our research schools covering different aspects of research skills.
  • Invitations to contribute to research and education prioritisation exercises that influence future activities.
  • Access to our educational programmes on the development and improvement of primary care respiratory medicine.
  • Invitations to contribute to IPCRG input into international events and policy-making processes, including at the WHO and EU calls for evidence, global forums and international conferences.
  • Invitations to your organisation to nominate colleagues to take part in new initiatives.
  • Information about new educational products and resources that are available to use, adapt and circulate.
  • Membership of the IPCRG Senate and voting rights at the IPCRG Annual General Meeting.

The IPCRG expects members to:

  • Promote IPCRG educational and research activities, including our conferences, and products through its website, webpage or through other channels such as emails or messaging.
  • Provide feedback on IPCRG activities and resources so that these are responsive to need, and continually improve.
  • Adapt relevant resources to fit their healthcare context and language.
  • Engage with IPCRG committees and working groups, where relevant.

If you are interested in finding out more, read about the process to become a member here.

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