COPD Right Care

In 2021, the IPCRG initiated the COPD Right Care programme that follows the principles of the successful Asthma Right Care movement. We are building a global social movement to improve care for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). We want to show who people with COPD are, what optimal and safe treatment looks like and why personalisation through shared decision-making is something we must champion.

Clinically effective and cost-effective COPD care consists of a correct, well communicated diagnosis that takes account of multimorbidity, and therapy that includes multiple interventions from the point of diagnosis to address personal need. However, we know that this is not always delivered and where measured in both primary and secondary care, there is stubbornly persistent and unwarranted variation in care. That is, variation in care that is not due to disease variation but provider variation between individuals,  offices/clinics, regions and nations.  The point of Right Care is to provide the practical advice and support to make it easiest to do the right thing, in your setting.

COPD Wheel and Steroid Alert Card

In 2021 we started to develop two prototype tools to help start new conversations about personalising care for people with COPD. We have worked with two-three multidisciplinary clinicians from each pilot country – Brazil (GEPRAPS), Portugal (GRESP), Spain (GRAP), USA (COPD Foundation), a patient expert from the US COPD Foundation and a community pharmacist from the UK.

The two tools were launched at our world conference in Malaga, May 2022:  the COPD Wheel, and the Steroid Alert Card. In light of GOLD 2023 and testing in our four pilot countries with colleagues and patients, the COPD Wheel was revised and finalised for launch at our 2023 Scientific Meeting in Munich, Germany. The team will develop a narrative with case stories, data, policy and system influencing ideas as slide sets, films and written material to support dissemination of the tools.

An educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim enabled IPCRG to develop and test this tool. A grant from AstraZeneca enabled IPCRG to translate and distribute it. Translations into Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish are available now, with further translations into French and Chinese (simplified) coming soon.

The components of COPD Right Care and IPCRG resources

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation - landing page for all resources 

Desktop helper on setting up a PR service

Desktop helper on how to refer to PR service 

How to refer to Pulmonary Rehabilitation videos: Clinic setting and In-patient setting

PR assessment tools

Research outputs from FRESH AIR and RESPIRE exploring development of PR in new countries and new settings

COPD Wheel and Guidance notes