COPD Wheel - Spanish

11 Jun 2024

Edition 1.2 for distribution (March 2024). For more information visit the COPD Wheel web page. Guidance notes available here.

IPCRG 2 Disc Spinner Wheel:  
210mm COPD wheel plus 135mm diameter spinning disk 
2pp x two wheels
Larger wheel - Four colour process on both sides 
Small wheel - Four colour process face only
350gsm Silk and clear plastic pin
Larger wheel matt laminated on both sides. Smaller wheel matt laminated face only.
Die cut, collate the 2 discs together and affix using a clear plastic pin allowing the discs to rotate. 

Resource information

Respiratory conditions
  • COPD
Respiratory topics
  • Disease management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Risk factor: indoor air pollution
  • Risk factor: outdoor air pollution
  • Risk factor: physical activity
  • Risk factor: tobacco - smoking
  • Treatment - drug
  • Treatment - non-drug
  • Vaccination
Type of resource
  • COPD Right Care
Right Care
  • COPD
Strategic Objective
  • Management
  • Clinical Education
  • Patient Education

Right Care information