COPD Wheel

In 2021 we started to develop a new tool to help start new conversations about personalising care for people with COPD. We have worked with two-three multidisciplinary clinicians from each pilot country – Brazil (GEPRAPS), Portugal (GRESP), Spain (GRAP), USA (COPD Foundation) and a community pharmacist from the UK.

A test version of the COPD Wheel was distributed at our World Conference in Malaga, May 2022. In light of GOLD 2023 and testing in our four pilot countries with colleagues and patients, the COPD Wheel was revised and finalised for launch at our 2023 Scientific Meeting in Munich, Germany. Following new GOLD guidelines and user feedback after mass distribution, edition 1.2 was launched in March 2024, adding further resources on COPD progression and a survey to collect further feedback. The team will develop a narrative with case stories, data, policy and system influencing ideas as slide sets, films and written material to support dissemination of the tools.

An educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim enabled IPCRG to develop and test this tool. A grant from AstraZeneca enabled IPCRG to translate and distribute it.

An interactive, online version of the wheel will be produced in the future.