IPCRG Position Paper No. 5 - Making the case for personalised care for adults with asthma

This 4-page Position Paper describes personalised care in asthma.

The authors define personalised care and distinguish this from personalised medicine. They argue that the broader approach of personalised care will not only benefit the individual, but also health services and populations, by improving use of medicines and thereby reducing waste, harm and potentially avoidable use of emergency care. They summarise this as improving value.

The Position Paper also makes recommendations about how policymakers, clinical educators and patient leaders can contribute to the cultural and clinical changes that are needed to make personalised care for adults with asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases a reality.

Authors: Siân Williams and Liza Cragg on behalf of the international expert group listed at www.ipcrg.org/personalisation

Reviewers: Professor Amanda Barnard, Professor Niels Chavannes

Editor: Professor Hilary Pinnock

Date published: May 2018

Funding: GlaxoSmithKline funded the experience-led care meeting, writing & production. They took no part in drafting this.