ACT patient questionnaire

Accessed Oct 2019

The ACT patient questionnaire is available at

Standout Feature:

  • Simple measure; requires only 2-3 minutes to complete  

Key Elements:

  • Adults (12yrs and over)
  • 5 items, each with 5 possible responses
  • If the score is 19 or less, asthma symptoms may not be well controlled
  • Control is calculated from adding the score of each of the 5 items
  • Assesses control using data from the past 4 weeks
  • Good validation; meets standards for responsiveness
  • c-ACT (for children 4-11yrs) is available
  • Developed by Glaxo-Smith Kline (GSK)  
  • Freely available at:

Potential Limitations:  

  • 80+ languages, but only validated in some languages (eg., Spanish)
  • Should be completed before consultation 

Resource information

Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
Respiratory topics
  • Disease management
Type of resource
  • Asthma Right Care
Right Care
  • Asthma
Strategic Objective
  • Management
  • Review
  • Risk Factors
  • When control is poor
  • Clinical Education
  • Patient Education

Right Care information


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