RECHARGE Teach the Teacher - Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Various dates 20th Sep - 8th Oct

The NIHR funded global research group RECHARGE has a key objective of delivering a training programme to support the delivery of PR in their partner countries. This document describes how IPCRG will work with RECHARGE using the Teach the Teacher (TtT)model, a scalable education programme that can be used to build sustainable local capacity in PR teaching and delivery. There are two training objectives:

The first is to enable implementation of the British Thoracic Society’s ‘Fundamentals of Pulmonary Rehabilitation’ in the participating countries.

  • Patient Selection and Initial Assessment
  • Properties and conduct of the 6MWT and ISWT
  • Patient Education
  • Fundamentals of exercise prescription - aerobic training

The second aim is to create a sustainable resource in each country of teachers who are able to disseminate this learning so that the ‘frontline’ and patients can benefit. The BTS Fundamentals is the content that practitioners must know to implement their programmes. This will not be taught in its entirety during the TtT event which is described here but this content will be used as source material for teaching the teachers about health professional learning. It is expected that all learners will study the BTS Fundamentals asynchronously outside the Teach the Teacher event.

The Teach the Teacher© multi-tier education programme is based on a family medicine training programme from the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT) primary care teaching and learning model, known as the “BLED course”.  IPCRG has been adapting and developing this programme for primary care respiratory education since 2015. This approach aims to build sustainable local capacity by not only providing education on the relevant clinical topic, but also by providing delegates with the skills to adapt the education to the needs of their local context.

The RECHARGE programme has 3 objectives:

  1. To develop a culturally acceptable Pulmonary Rehabilitation intervention and ensure that healthcare professionals are able to deliver a high-quality PR programme.
  2. To develop an international, robust and secure PR dataset to ensure a common way to record information about lung disease and rehabilitation across LMICs.
  3. The development of a new research capacity for the LMICs engaged in the project. Training will be delivered locally to help health professionals to deliver PR effectively, develop data management and other health research skills and make it possible to carry out international comparisons with LMIC partners.

The Teach the Teacher programme will support these objectives by enabling delegates using the RECHARGE developed materials to think about teaching, adaptation, and implementation to local settings whilst maintaining fidelity to the original.


  • Sally Singh
  • Jaime Correia de Sousa
  • Juliet McDonnell
  • Nikki Gardiner
  • Amanda Barnard
  • Ioanna Tsiligianni
  • Mark Orme
  • Linzy Houchen - Wolloff

Countries involved:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Uganda
  • Kyrgz
  • India
  • Malawi
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