Improving the management of COPD in women

01 Mar 2017
Respiratory conditions
  • COPD
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  • Disease management
  • Gender
Type of resource
Peer-reviewed article
Jenkins CR, Chapman KR, Donohue JF, Roche N, Tsiligianni I, Han MK


COPD is a highly debilitating disease that represents a substantial and growing health burden in women. There is increasing evidence for sex-related differences in COPD risk, progression, and outcomes. However, the disease receives scant attention as a women's health issue. Thus, a multifaceted approach is required to address COPD in women, including greater awareness, minimization of risk, and further elucidation of the sex-specific factors (biological and cultural) that affect risk, disease progression, and treatment success. This article reviews the current literature on the topic and provides suggestions for achieving better outcomes for the millions of women with COPD worldwide.