WHO report: Personal-level actions to reduce air pollution exposure in the WHO European Region

14 May 2024

This report summarizes evidence and information and formulates practical advice on personal-level actions to reduce exposure to ambient air pollution. It covers personal actions such as reducing the amount of time spent in polluted outdoor environments, adjusting the location and timing of physical activity, using air cleaners, wearing face coverings, and mobility options (‎transport, active transportation, routes, driving style and vehicle settings)‎. Each topic is evaluated according to a uniform set of criteria, ranging from effectiveness to personal costs and social factors. Most of the evidence available to inform the advice derives from western European and North American studies. Although evidence on effectiveness and on health risks/harms can be considered applicable across settings, evidence on economic, social or feasibility factors is less so. Consequently, the applicability of the advice presented in this report should be carefully considered at national level, especially in settings outside western Europe.

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Respiratory topics
  • Risk factor: indoor air pollution
  • Risk factor: outdoor air pollution
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