Systematic review (protocol) of clinical effectiveness and models of care of low-resource pulmonary rehabilitation.

05 Apr 2019


More than half of the people with chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The increasing disability, reduced productivity, associated anxiety and depression from CRDs result in social isolation and economic hardship for patients and their families. Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a guideline-recommended multidisciplinary and multifaceted intervention that improves the physical and psychological condition of people with CRD. However, PR services are underprovided and uptake is poor in LMICs, especially in low-resourced setting. We aim to systematically assess the effectiveness, applicable components and mode of delivery of PR. We will search MEDLINE, EMBASE, CABI, AMED and CENTRAL from January 1990 using a PICOS search strategy (Population: adults with CRD (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, post-tuberculosis, remodelled asthma); Intervention: PR; Comparator: usual care; Outcomes: functional exercise capacity and Health-Related Quality-of-Life; Setting: low-resource settings). Two reviewers will independently screen titles/abstracts and full texts for eligibility and extract data from included papers. We will use the Cochrane Risk-of-Bias tool, rating the quality of evidence using GRADE. We will use narrative synthesis to answer our three objectives: What is the effectiveness of PR in low-resource settings? What components are used in effective studies? What models of service delivery are used? This systematic review will inform the potential impact and practical models of low-resource PR for the betterment of patients with CRDs to improve their substantial health-care burden and address poor quality of life.

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Habib GMM, Rabinovich R, Divgi K, Ahmed S, Saha SK, Singh S, Uddin A, Pinnock H