Systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence, trajectories, and clinical outcomes for frailty in COPD.

05 Jan 2023


This systematic review synthesised measurement and prevalence of frailty in COPD and associations between frailty and adverse health outcomes. We searched Medline, Embase and Web of Science (1 January 2001-8 September 2021) for observational studies in adults with COPD assessing frailty prevalence, trajectories, or association with health-related outcomes. We performed narrative synthesis and random-effects meta-analyses. We found 53 eligible studies using 11 different frailty measures. Most common were frailty phenotype (n = 32), frailty index (n = 5) and Kihon checklist (n = 4). Prevalence estimates varied by frailty definitions, setting, and age (2.6-80.9%). Frailty was associated with mortality (5/7 studies), COPD exacerbation (7/11), hospitalisation (3/4), airflow obstruction (11/14), dyspnoea (15/16), COPD severity (10/12), poorer quality of life (3/4) and disability (1/1). In conclusion, frailty is a common among people with COPD and associated with increased risk of adverse outcomes. Proactive identification of frailty may aid risk stratification and identify candidates for targeted intervention.

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Respiratory conditions
  • COPD
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Peer-reviewed article
Hanlon P, Guo X, McGhee E, Lewsey J, McAllister D, Mair FS