Romanian young adult perceptions on using heated tobacco products following exposure to direct marketing methods.

02 Mar 2023


Heated tobacco products have a rapid uptake, especially among young people, mostly where advertising is unregulated, as is the case in Romania. This qualitative study explores the influence of direct marketing methods of heated tobacco products on young people, their perception and behaviour towards smoking. We have carried out 19 interviews with smokers of heated tobacco products (HTPs) or/and combustible cigarettes (CCs) or non-smokers (NS), aged 18-26. Using the thematic analysis, we have identified three overarching themes: (1) people, places, and subjects of marketing, (2) engagement with risk narratives and (3) social body, family bonds, and autonomous self. Even if most of the participants have been exposed to a mix of marketing methods, they did not acknowledge the influence that marketing has on their decision to experience smoking. Young adults' decision to use heated tobacco products seems to be influenced by a cluster of reasons: overcoming the legislation gap which prohibits indoor use of combustible cigarettes but not heated tobacco products; the attractivity of the product (novelty, inviting appearance, technological appeal and price) and presumed less damaging effects on health.

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Respiratory conditions
  • Tobacco Dependence
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Peer-reviewed article
Chirila S, Antohe A, Isar C, Panaitescu C, Malpass A