RCP- 3Qs - Royal College of Physicians 3 Questions


Standout Feature:

  • Takes only 30 seconds to complete  

Key Elements:

  • 3 items only (not lung function), each with Y/N
  • No to all three questions indicates and can confirm “good” control
  • Yes to 2 or 3 questions indicates poor control • Yes to 1 question indicates that further inquiry is needed to assess level of asthma control
  • Assesses asthma control over the past week/month • Very good face validity • Self-administered, paper format, as well as via telephone and electronically
  • Validated for use in UK English
  • To receive further information about the questions, as well as view the questions themselves, go to: http://www.guidelinesinpractice.co.uk/nov_99_bucknall_asthma_nov99#.VliA...

 Potential Limitations:  

  • Used only for adults
  • Used for confirming “good control” only, and does not assess the specific reasons why control is lacking. Further inquiry by using another validated questionnaire or by asking more specific questions is required as follow-up.
  • It is only used in English speaking countries 

Resource information

Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
Respiratory topics
  • Disease management
Type of resource
Right Care
  • Asthma
Strategic Objective
  • Management
  • Clinical Education
  • Patient Education

Right Care information


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Pinnock H, Burton C, Campbell S et al. Clinical implications of the Royal College of Physicians three questions in routine asthma care: a real-life validation study. Prim Care Respir J 2012; 21: 288-94. Available from: http://www.thepcrj.org/journ/view_article.php?article_id=933