Patient uptake and outcomes following pharmacist-initiated referrals to general practitioners for asthma review.

17 Nov 2022


Uptake and outcomes of pharmacist-initiated general practitioner (GP) referrals for patients with poorly controlled asthma were investigated. Pharmacists referred at-risk patients for GP assessment. Patients were categorized as action takers (consulted their GP on pharmacist's advice) or action avoiders (did not action the referral). Patient clinical data were compared to explore predictors of uptake and association with health outcomes. In total, 58% of patients (n = 148) received a GP referral, of whom 78% (n = 115) were action takers, and 44% (n = 50) reported changes to their asthma therapy. Patient rurality and more frequent pre-trial GP visits were associated with action takers. Action takers were more likely to have an asthma action plan (P = 0.001) at month 12, and had significantly more GP visits during the trial period (P = 0.034). Patient uptake of pharmacist-initiated GP referrals was high and led to GP review and therapy changes in patients with poorly controlled asthma.

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Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
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  • Pharmacy
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Peer-reviewed article
Serhal S, Krass I, Emmerton L, Bereznicki B, Bereznicki L, Bosnic-Anticevich S, Saini B, Billot L, Armour C