Needs and perceptions of patients and healthcare providers about Pulmonary Rehabilitation in India

04 Sep 2022

Background: Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) are a growing burden in India and despite its proven efficacy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) services in India are still in a state of infancy.

Aims: To explore the needs and perceptions about PR among people living with CRDs, and doctors and physiotherapists (D-P) involved in the management of CRDs.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted from December 2020 to December 2021 in Pune, India among 370 patients and 207 D-P.

Results (Figure1): 87% patients with CRDs were interested in enrolling for PR and among them 84% preferred web-based digital app at home. Only 14% preferred supervised PR program in hospitals (14%) and 19% in local community. 97% of D-Ps believed that PR was worthwhile in the management of CRDs. Breathlessness was the main factor for referring patients with CRD to PR, while 24% did not believe that anxiety, low exercise levels or poor self-management were important determinants. Other perceived factors for D-Ps were patients’ willingness and affordability for making PR referral. The need for easy referral process was highlighted by many D-Ps (77%).

Conclusion: People with CRDs are keen on participating in PR and prefer a remote mode of delivery. D-Ps believe that PR is worthwhile, but they need training of PR referral processes. The survey informs the development of PR models that may improve the referral and uptake of PR services in India.

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S Sahasrabudhe, D Dhamdhere, S Borade, M Bhakare, M Modi, M W Orme, I Pina, R Rohan, Z Ahmed, A Barton, M C Steiner, S Salvi, S J Singh