Medication adherence halves COPD patients' hospitalization risk - evidence from Swiss health insurance data.

07 Mar 2024


Medication adherence is vital for patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to mitigate long-term consequences. The impact of poor medication adherence on inferior outcomes like exacerbations leading to hospital admissions is yet to be studied using real-world data. Using Swiss claims data from 2015-2020, we group patients into five categories according to their medication possession ratio. By employing a logistic regression, we quantify each category's average treatment effect of the medication possession ratio on hospitalized exacerbations. 13,557 COPD patients are included in the analysis. Patients with high medication adherence (daily medication reserve of 80% to 100%) are 51% less likely to incur exacerbation following a hospital stay than patients with the lowest medication adherence (daily medication reserve of 0% to 20%). The study shows that medication adherence varies strongly among Swiss COPD patients. Furthermore, high medication adherence immensely decreases the risk of hospitalized exacerbations.

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Peer-reviewed article
Bischof AY, Cordier J, Vogel J, Geissler A