Framing photovoice using a social-ecological logic model as a guide.

01 Sep 2010


Photovoice is a community-based participatory action research method designed to uncover the root causes of community problems and to collectively address them. Individual change and empowerment are desired outcomes of the photovoice process, but more importantly, the process seeks to engage groups and whole communities to foster positive systems change. This article presents a logic model informed by the social-ecological model of health to guide photovoice planners and participants in planning activities that produce individual-and community-level change. The model presented here should help planners and participants plan, implement, and evaluate other photovoice efforts and provide them a visual guide to ensure that all parties are on the same conceptual page and increase the intentionality of their efforts.

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Peer-reviewed article
Strack RW, Lovelace KA, Jordan TD, Holmes AP