Documentation of comorbidities, lifestyle factors, and asthma management during primary care scheduled asthma contacts.

09 Mar 2024


Systematically assessing asthma during follow-up contacts is important to accomplish comprehensive treatment. No previous long-term studies exist on how comorbidities, lifestyle factors, and asthma management details are documented in scheduled asthma contacts in primary health care (PHC). We showed comorbidities and lifestyle factors were poorly documented in PHC in this real-life, 12-year, follow-up study. Documented information on rhinitis was found in 8.9% and BMI, overweight, or obesity in ≤1.5% of the 542 scheduled asthma contacts. Of the 145 patients with scheduled asthma contacts, 6.9% had undergone revision of their inhalation technique; 16.6% had documentation of their asthma action plan. Screening of respiratory symptoms was recorded in 79% but nasal symptoms in only 15.5% of contacts. Lifestyle guidance interventions were found in <1% of contacts. These results, based on documented patient data, indicate a need exists to further improve the assessment and guidance of asthma patients in PHC.

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Peer-reviewed article
Takala J, Vähätalo I, Tuomisto LE, Niemelä O, Ilmarinen P, Kankaanranta H