An unusual presentation of alveolar hemorrhage.

01 Dec 2009
Respiratory conditions
  • Pneumonia
Type of resource
Peer-reviewed article
Román-Vélez JM, Martínez-Camacho RN, Alayón-Laguer D, Fernández-González R, Reyes-Sosa R, Santos-Llanos G, Colón-Pérez M, Ferrer D


We report the case of a female patient with an atypical case of alveolar haemorrhage secondary to disseminated strongyloidiasis. Although uncommon, clinicians should consider the diagnosis of pneumonia by disseminated strongyloidiasis in patients with endemic exposure to Strongyloides stercoralis who present with symptoms of cough, wheezing, and dyspnoea. Primary care physicians should strongly consider screening for strongyloidiasis in patients from endemic areas prior to considering the use of steroids or any other immunosuppressants. The best screening test would be serological testing.