A proposal for the annual appraisal of, and developmental support for, General Practitioners with a Specialist Interest (GPwSIs) in respiratory medicine.

01 Jun 2005
Respiratory conditions
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Type of resource
Peer-reviewed article
Holmes S, Gruffydd-Jones K, General Practice Airways Group Education Sub-Committee.


This paper provides best practice recommendations for the appraisal of, and developmental support for, GPwSIs in respiratory medicine. These recommendations are closely linked with the current system for quality-assured National Health Service (NHS) general practice appraisal in the United Kingdom (UK). The recommendations are based on Department of Health guidance, and follow consultation with a range of relevant professional bodies involved in respiratory care and professional development. We describe the Primary Care Organisation (PCO) responsibilities, training issues, support systems, and documentation required to ensure that appraisal for GPwSIs in respiratory medicine meets national standards. In addition we address links to NHS general practitioner (GP) appraisal, revalidation, and documentation from the General Medical Council (GMC) on good medical practice. Developmental support that will complement and be sensitive to the needs of the GPwSI in respiratory medicine is described, as well as the ideal situation for educational support for practitioners, and the need for variability of appraisal dependent upon the GPwSI's experience. This appraisal and support system will allow general practice, NHS managers and the public to have confidence that those GPwSIs working in respiratory medicine will provide high quality care.