A Call for Action on Chronic Respiratory Diseases within Physical Activity Policies, Guidelines and Action Plans: Let's Move!

17 Dec 2022


Global policy documents for the promotion of physical activity (PA) play an important role in the measurement, evaluation, and monitoring of population PA levels. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines include, for the first time, recommendations for specific populations, including individuals living with a range of non-communicable diseases. Of note, is the absence of any chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) within the recommendations. Globally, CRDs are highly prevalent, are attributable to significant individual and societal burdens, and are characterised by low PA. As a community, there is a need to come together to understand how to increase CRD representation within global PA policy documents, including where the evidence gaps are and how we can align with PA research in other contexts. In this commentary, the potential for synergy between evidence into the relationships between PA in CRDs globally and the relevance to current policies, guidelines and action plans on population levels of PA are discussed. Furthermore, actions and considerations for future research, including the need to harmonize and promote PA assessment (particularly in low- and middle-income countries) and encompass the synergistic influences of PA, sedentary behaviour and sleep on health outcomes in CRD populations are presented.

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Respiratory conditions
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease
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  • Disease management
  • Risk factor: physical activity
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Peer-reviewed article
Orme MW, Jayamaha AR, Santin L, Singh SJ, Pitta F