Are there gender differences in the use of peak flow meters?

01 Oct 2001


To determine if there are gender differences in correct use of peak flow meters (PEM), third-year doctor of pharmacy students (n = 83; 52 females, 31 males) were instructed in a classroom on correct use of a PFM, including demonstrations. Students were then immediately divided into five groups, given a PFM, and assessed for three attempts in private individual sessions. Males had superior performance on the first attempt for total score (p < 0.05) and for "inhale fully" (p < 0.05). On the second attempt, the total score was not different, but males scored higher on "exhale as fast and as hard as you can" (p < 0.05). Controlled gender studies examining use of PFM in adult and pediatric patients with asthma are warranted.

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Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
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  • Disease management
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Peer-reviewed article
Chafin CC, Tolley E, George C, Demirkan K, Kuhl D, Pugazhenthi M, Self TH