Are there gender differences in the use of peak flow meters?

01 Oct 2001
Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
Respiratory topics
  • Disease management
  • Diagnosis
Type of resource
Peer-reviewed article
Chafin CC, Tolley E, George C, Demirkan K, Kuhl D, Pugazhenthi M, Self TH


To determine if there are gender differences in correct use of peak flow meters (PEM), third-year doctor of pharmacy students (n = 83; 52 females, 31 males) were instructed in a classroom on correct use of a PFM, including demonstrations. Students were then immediately divided into five groups, given a PFM, and assessed for three attempts in private individual sessions. Males had superior performance on the first attempt for total score (p < 0.05) and for "inhale fully" (p < 0.05). On the second attempt, the total score was not different, but males scored higher on "exhale as fast and as hard as you can" (p < 0.05). Controlled gender studies examining use of PFM in adult and pediatric patients with asthma are warranted.