COPD Right Care & Asthma Right Care Strategy Update

26 Jan 2023

IPCRG has two active Strategy Groups steering our thinking and activity in relation to Asthma Right Care and COPD Right Care.  In asthma, we are now curating and developing resources to support member countries address the eight person-centred statements on asthma. We’ve had lively debates about how we can add value to support the use of personal asthma action plans and how to offer simple and concise review processes that take account of the limited time available in primary care at the moment – we will keep you updated!

Meanwhile the COPD Right Care group has been prioritising the incorporation of the revised GOLD strategy for the diagnosis, management and prevention of COPD 2023 into our tools – including a new spirometry education programme and our COPD Wheel which is being adapted according to GOLD and also to user feedback from our four pilot countries: Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the USA. It is also co-creating a set of person-centred statements and matching primary care competences that will structure future work.