Call to UN, primary care manual from Chinese colleagues, recovery survey from RECHARGE colleagues

01 May 2020

The IPCRG invites you to act on three initiatives and please share with your networks and SIGs:

1- Sign up to this new call to the United Nations to coordinate a global equity-focused response to COVID-19. IPCRG is a signatory to an open letter to the United Nations Secretary General to set up a multi-sector “Global Health Equity Task Force” to confront the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in its full health, socio-demographic and economic dimensions. It is hugely important that support is maintained for universal health coverage, and the role that primary care plays in achieving that. You can read the letter and sign up to support here:


2- Please share these links to two new important publications from our Chinese colleagues: the primary care and community manuals for prevention and infection control of COVID-19. These are written by a team including CARD-PC, our group in China, and the national respiratory teams, sharing their experience and approach and complement existing manuals on the hospital response.

Expert Recommendations for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Infections in Primary Care (First Edition):

Handbook on COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control in Communities, Compiled and published by the Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control of National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China:


3- Share a link to two surveys by our RECHARGE rehabilitation colleagues on how best to help people in LMICs recover from COVID-19. One is a survey for healthcare workers

The other is a patient survey with anyone who has had COVID-19 (See below their patient-only survey email to share if easier.)


Patient-only survey email


There is an opportunity to give your opinion on the best way to support the recovery of people like yourself, who have had COVID-19. The aim is to find out the ‘who, what, where, when and how’ of delivering the best possible support. If you have had symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, we would like you to give us your views by taking part in our one-off survey

This study is led by Prof Sally Singh, University of Leicester, United Kingdom. The findings from this survey will be used to develop an appropriate support programme for people’s recovery. Your participation in the study is voluntary, your responses are anonymous and you can stop completing the survey at any point.

Click here to take part in the survey.

Please share this survey with anyone who has had COVID-19 with the survey link

For any questions please email us at recharge [at] le [dot] ac [dot] uk

Global RECHARGE Team Department of Respiratory, Centre for Exercise and Rehabilitation Science, 

NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre – Respiratory, Glenfield Hospital, 

Groby Road, Leicester, LE3 9QP