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26 Mar 2021

A lot has happened in the past 20 years since the first meeting in Cambridge, led by Thys van der Molen and David Price.  Take a trip down memory lane here.  

We are now in collaborative relations with many organisations including WONCA World, European Respiratory Society, EAACI, International Pharmaceutical Federation and are the respiratory Special Interest Group of Wonca Europe. 

We represent primary care on the WHO’s network Global Alliance against chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD); we now have 34 country members with another three waiting for approval at the next AGM.

We are about to run our tenth biennial world conference, and have run additional scientific meetings and regional conferences in Europe, Central, South and Southeast Asia.  

There have been over 800 primary care research submissions to our journal npjPrimary Care Respiratory Medicine co-owned by our UK group, PCRS and Nature since 2014.  

We have published research needs priorities with a new set currently under review, and published and delivered on our education strategy including online learning programmes and our flagship Teach the Teacher programme

Our UNLOCK programme has tested how to combine country datasets; and our engagement in global health research programmes such as FRESH AIR, Breathe Well, RESPIRE and RECHARGE has enabled colleagues in low and middle income countries to initiate research, develop their own datasets and start to influence policy and practice.

Join us at our world conference 6-8 May to celebrate 20 years!