Desktop Helper No. 7 - Pulmonary rehabilitation in the community

This 2-page Desktop Helper aims to be a practical guide for clinicians. 

On page 1 it is a referrer's guide: the essential things you need to know about pulmonary rehabilitation to help breathless people breathe better, feel good and do more. 

On page 2 it describes setting up a pulmonary rehabilitation service from zero to help people breathe better, feel good and do more.

More information from IPCRG on pulmonary rehabilitation is available at

Authors: Siân Williams and Val Amies on behalf of the international expert group listed below.

Reviewers: Professor Sally Singh

Funding: Boehringer Ingelheim funded the experience-led care meeting, writing & production. They took no part in drafting the Desktop Helper

Date published: July 2017


Paper Authors

Attendees at the experience-led care meeting (principal role and experience listed only - most are also involved in research)

Those who contributed their experience in writing