IPCRG Position Paper No. 4 - Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) helps people breathe better, feel good, and do more: Why you should invest in PR for your population

This 4-page Position Paper demonstrates why healthcare systems that develop their capability to deliver easily accessible PR to urban and rural communities can improve health, social, and economic outcomes.

Authors: Val Amies, Annemarije Kruis, Siân Williams

International Advisory Panel: See www.ipcrg.org/PR

Reviewers: Nick Hopkinson, Sally Singh, Rafael Stelmach

Editor: Hilary Pinnock

Editorial assistance: Maude Campbell

Funding: Boehringer Ingelheim funded the experience-led care meeting that enabled us to elicit the real life experience of physiotherapists, family physicians and service planners from our global network to supplement the published evidence; as well as the writing & production of these resources. They took no part in the meeting or drafting which was coordinated and led by the IPCRG

Date published: March 2018