Teach the Teacher - Treating Tobacco Dependence

March 2017

A three tier programme

Tier 1: 19 country leads x four countries - Romania, Kyrgyzstan,  Bulgaria,  N Macedonia

Tier 2: 117 primary care educators in four countries

Tier 3: 985 primary healthcare professionals

Total across three tiers – 1121 participants.  Estimated: 185,323 patients impacted by HCPs with VBA training

Clinical content: Very Brief Advice . IPCRG / NCSCT expert faculty

Funded and collaboration with Global Bridges and NCSCT 


  • Development of 4 x VBA+ protocols,  adapted to local contexts.
  • Evaluation of educational events – attendance,  training resources, video and  photographs. Pre and post knowledge assessment questionnaire  – includes assessment of  confidence levels. Narrative reporting of in-country implementation.
  • Tracking patient impact - various in country approaches – some impact evidenced/ some challenges reported in terms of systematic data collection and analysis.

Publication: https://globalbridges.org/news/blog/2017/10/26/3182/#.Xl4zKS2cY1A

Teach the Teacher Bulgaria