Teach the Teacher - Children with Asthma

27th - 29th April 2019
Kuala Lumpur

A Teach the Teacher programme on improving diagnosis and management of children with asthma. At the tier 1 international meeting, IPCRG international faculty and educational leaders from Malaysia, Singapore, Spain and the US worked together to co-create a master curriculum on how to teach as well as key clinical content on diagnosis and management of paediatric asthma.


  • A two tier programme
    • Tier 1: 17 participants from four countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain and US. 
    • Tier 2:   20 participants in Malaysia -  Spain  scheduled March 2020.
  • Clinical content: Global Charter for Paediatric Asthma
  • IPCRG Expert faculty
  • Funded and collaboration with GSK
  • Evaluation:
    • Participant evaluation
  • Publication: Lenney et al 2019


Teach the Teacher Malaysia