Spirometry Simplified (pilot edition)

Between February and May 2024
Online and Masterclass Performing spirometry in Athens, May 8th 2024

Certified e-learning course for primary care with in-person masterclass

Spirometry Simplified, a leading initiative by the global clinical network and charity International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG), seeks to empower primary care clinicians worldwide by promoting the widespread and equitable adoption of spirometry. Our goal is to facilitate earlier and more accurate diagnoses of people with obstructive airway diseases, leading to timely and better management, enhancing the quality of their care and ultimately improving their quality of life. This certified course was meticulously crafted by an esteemed, experienced global faculty of master teachers of spirometry to primary care. This comprehensive programme equips primary healthcare professionals and their support staff with the essential skills to proficiently prepare for, conduct, assess, and interpret high-quality spirometry tests.

Course structure

  • 4 Online modules (6 hours) + 1 in person Masterclass (3 hours)
  • M1 Understanding spirometry (1h30 - online)
  • M2 Preparing spirometry (1h30 - online)
  • M3 Evaluating spirometry (1h30 - online)
  • M4 Interpreting spirometry  (1h30 - online)
  • Masterclass Performing spirometry (3h @ IPCRG 12th World Conference, Athens, May 8th) 

How does it work?

  • Course fees are free in the pilot edition
  • Instruction language: English
  • 5 modules (4 online, 1 in person)
  • Primary care oriented
  • Self-paced flexible learning
  • Includes practical case studies Certified by IPCRG
  • Taught by experts from all regions of the globe


How to participate?

The Spirometry Simplified course consists of 4 online modules (to be completed approximately between February and March), followed by an in-person Masterclass session. To qualify for certification, both the online and in-person sessions must be completed.

Participation in the Masterclass (May 8th, Athens) requires registration in the 12th IPCRG World Conference.

Registration here