IPCRG Right Care Quantitative Data Research School

Various dates 3rd Mar - 31st Mar

Quality improvement and research interested Latin American colleagues will use data from family doctor or pharmacy settings arising from surveys, audits or other quality improvement projects and come together with IPCRG research experts at an online event with subsequent mentoring that will lead to the creation of a poster that can be submitted to a scientific meeting in 2022.

This Research School theme will use the existing methodology and data from the Latin America Pharmacy Survey on asthma. A small group of delegates from each of the four countries where the study was performed will create a conference standard poster with the support of four IPCRG primary care research experts. The 4 countries will compete and the best will be forwarded as an abstract submission to the 11th IPCRG World Conference in Málaga in 2022.

Learning aim

  • To learn how to prepare and present a research abstract.

Teaching method

  • We will achieve this by critically appraising real data and research reports related to the use of short-acting beta agonists (SABA) in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia and by working in small groups to reuse the data to create new abstracts and ePosters.


  • Share and apply critical appraisal tools including checklists
  • Illustrate how to review and clean datasets, look for missing data and practise cleaning a real dataset
  • Consider the purpose of research, what might be needed to change practice
  • Briefly review asthma and asthma therapy options to be able to determine what would be meaningful data in relation to surveys about SABA use
  • Introduce relationships, associations, outcome analysis and data limitations
  • Teach the key elements of a high quality research abstract, and what reviewers want to read
  • Work in country groups to draft an abstract, provide opportunities to present an abstract and offer feedback and support to improve
  • Provide guidance about how to submit an abstract for peer review, using the IPCRG 11th world conference system
  • Take you through the steps to use the IPCRG ePoster Learning Toolbox


  • Amanda Farley
  • Desirée Larenas Linnerman
  • Janwillem Kocks
  • Job van Boven

Countries involved:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
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