IPCRG Right Care Observational Research School

Various dates 25th Mar - 8th Apr

Designing a qualitative study – Naturalistic observation study on asthma in pharmacy
During this Research School, delegates will work with IPCRG qualitative research experts, primary care researchers and health professionals to design and implement a naturalistic observation study in pharmacies looking at encounters between people with asthma needing medicines and the interaction with the pharmacy team.

Research learning aim
Bring together 4 countries in Latin America interested in observational research and improving asthma management/patient outcomes. 


  • Building individual capacity: learn how to design an observational/ethnographic study design and write a research protocol using a template
  • Work collaboratively: work across country/regions to develop a multi-site study protocol that allows for data to be analysed comparatively across regions
  • Build team capacity: build country/regional research teams by working in small break out rooms to develop context specific nuances of protocol and build team
  • Submit a protocol to IPCRG M├ílaga conference.


  • Session 1: Overview and introductions; Writing the research problem; The social aspects of pharmaceuticals; Writing your research question; Who and what to observe. Sampling –at the level of pharmacy or patient?
  • Session 2: Creating an observational guide; Creating a topic guide for interviews; Data collection using fieldnotes; Researcher as research tool; Transcription and translation issues.
  • Session 3: Tools and approaches to analysis; Ethics and governance; PPI involvement and advisory group; Data Storage; Timeline and Gant chart.


  • Alice Malpass
  • Amanda Farley
  • Tracey Stone

Countries involved:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
Past Conference