COVID-19 & the Importance of Public Education in Primary Care

04 Jul 2020, 15:00 to 17:00

This webinar will cover the very topical area of COVID-19 & the Importance of Public Information and Education in Primary Care and we are delighted to welcome two IPCRG colleagues, Sundeep Salvi from India & Javiera Corbalán from Chile, who will share their experiences.  Sundeep trained as a Pulmonologist and is the Director of Pulmocare Research and Education Foundation (PURE), based in Pune.  Javiera is a family doctor and works in a Paediatric Emergency Department and at the Universidad Austral de Chile. 

Both our presenters are speaking from countries tackling significant COVID-19 problems and we are grateful to them for taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with the IPCRG community.  They will each present their country’s perspective on the main public information/education challenges for primary care and public health including: managing misinformation; role of social media; political versus health decisions; best practices; and recommendations for primary care when dealing with individual patients and populations.  Between them, they will give an update on key topics such as public information on symptoms, physical distancing, hand washing and masks. We invite attendees to share their experiences, evidence and questions.

These presentations will be followed by six of the most highly ranked abstracts previously selected for presentation at 10th IPCRG World Conference, due to have been held in Dublin earlier this year. These webinars are enabling researchers to share their work with you, an international audience, whilst gaining important peer review that otherwise might have been missed during the current pandemic.


IPCRG would like to express their appreciation to Astra Zeneca for supporting this, and three of the other webinars, during this series.

Respiratory & Immunology is one of AstraZeneca’s three therapy areas and is a key growth driver for the Company.

AstraZeneca is an established leader in respiratory care, and its inhaled and biologic medicines reached more than 53 million patients in 2019. Building on a 50-year heritage, the Company aims to transform the treatment of asthma and COPD by focusing on earlier biology-led treatment, eliminating preventable asthma attacks, and removing COPD as a top-three leading cause of death. The Company’s early respiratory research is focused on emerging science involving immune mechanisms, lung damage and abnormal cell repair processes in disease and neuronal dysfunction.

With common pathways and underlying disease drivers across respiratory and immunology, AstraZeneca is following the science from chronic lung diseases to immunology-driven disease areas. The Company’s growing presence in immunology is focused on five mid- to late-stage franchises with multi-disease potential, in areas including rheumatology (including lupus), dermatology, gastroenterology, and systemic eosinophilic-driven diseases. AstraZeneca’s ambition in Respiratory & Immunology is to achieve disease modification and durable remission for millions of patients worldwide.

Past Conference COVID COVID-19 WEBINAR