Thai family medicine physicians and general practitioners’ confidence in care of chronic respiratory diseases

01 Apr 2024
This research idea addresses the critical issue of chronic respiratory diseases, including common conditions like COPD and asthma, which globally affect millions of people and result in millions of deaths annually. In Thailand, chronic respiratory diseases are the second leading cause of non-communicable disease-related deaths, significantly impacting the health of patients. Family medicine (FM) physicians and general practitioners (GPs) in primary care units play an important role in caring for these patients. However, they face challenges such as evolving treatment approaches, time constraints during consultations, and resource limitations that affect their confidence in providing high-quality care. The study aims to investigate the confidence levels of FM physicians and GPs currently practicing in Thailand regarding the care of patients with chronic respiratory diseases and examine the associated factors influencing physicians' confidence levels. By conducting a cross-sectional descriptive study, data will be collected through an electronic self-administered questionnaire distributed via research networks of Thai-PCRG. A sampling procedure, utilizing simple random sampling with the WINPEPI program, will determine the required sample size. The research instrument comprises three sections: general information and possible associated factors, confidence levels in caring for chronic respiratory diseases, and participants' recommendations. Ethical review by the Human Research Ethics Committee will proceed before data collection. Data will be processed and analyzed using the SPSS program, employing descriptive and analytical statistics. The anticipated benefits include providing guidelines for service and curriculum development, fostering research networks, and enhancing educational development among Thai training institutions, potentially on a global scale. In summary, this research addresses the lack of studies on the confidence of family medicine physicians and general practitioners in Thailand regarding chronic respiratory disease care. Its outcomes are expected to contribute valuable insights, potentially guiding system and curriculum improvements, and promoting collaboration in research and education within the region and globally.

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Nonpavit Chotchai1 1Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand