Continuous Quality Improvement: Pneumococcal Vaccination in Patients with Asthma under chronic corticosteroid therapy

01 Apr 2024
Introduction: Among the essential preventive measures, pneumococcal vaccination(PV) emerges as a critical intervention, particularly for individuals with asthma, who face an elevated risk of invasive pneumococcal disease. As primary care physicians, ensuring compliance with recommended vaccinations, specifically pneumococcal immunization, becomes paramount in safeguarding our patients against preventable respiratory infections. Goals: This initiative aims to delve into the prescription patterns of pneumococcal vaccines in asthmatic individuals, with a focus on those undergoing chronic corticosteroid therapy, to enhance the overall quality of care and elevate vaccination rates within this vulnerable population. Methods: Patient Database Review: Conduct a comprehensive review of the patient database to identify asthmatic individuals aged 18 and above currently on chronic corticosteroid therapy. Prescription Audit: Evaluate the current prescribing patterns for PV within the identified patient group, focusing on adherence to established guidelines and recommended schedules. Physician Education: Implement targeted educational sessions for healthcare providers, with a focus on the importance of PV in asthmatic patients. Patient Education Campaign: Launch an educational campaign to inform patients about the significance of PV, addressing potential concerns and emphasizing the benefits of vaccination in reducing the risk of pneumococcal infections. Monitoring: Two assessment periods are scheduled, and compliance criteria include one of the following vaccination regimens:13 valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine(PCV13)+23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine(PPV23);PCV15+PPV23 or PCV20. The final analysis will be conducted on March 2024. Conclusion: Through a comprehensive evaluation of PV practices in asthmatic patients, particularly those reliant on chronic corticosteroid therapy, this initiative aspires to fortify the shield against preventable respiratory infections. By delineating specific goals, including the review of patient databases, prescription audits, and targeted healthcare provider and patient education, our intent is not only to enhance the precision of vaccination recommendations but also to foster a deeper understanding of their importance within the medical community and among asthmatic individuals.

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Athens 2024
Daniela Bento1, António Luz Pereira1, Carolina Quental1, Mariana Bandeira de Azevedo1, Pedro Lemos1, Ana Mafalda Macedo1, Rute Maia1, Maria Buchner Sousa1, Clementina Quelhas1, Maria Inês Leal2 1USF Prelada - ACES Porto Ocidental, Porto, Portugal, 2USF Carvalhido - ACES Porto Ocidental, Porto, Portugal