Development of theoretically informed audit and feedback to improve asthma self-management in UK primary care

16 May 2023

Introduction: Audit and feedback is an evidence-based implementation strategy, but studies reporting the use of theory to guide design elements are limited. Within the context of a programme of research aiming to improve the implementation of supported asthma self-management in UK primary care (IMP2ART), we aimed to design and develop theoretically-informed audit and feedback that highlighted supported asthma self-management provision and areas for improvement in primary care general practices.

Method: Aligned with the Medical Research Council (MRC) complex intervention framework, the audit and feedback was developed in three phases: 1) Development: literature and theory exploration, and prototype audit and feedback design; 2) Feasibility: eliciting feedback on the prototype audit and feedback from general practice staff (n=9); 3) Pre-piloting: delivering the audit and feedback within the IMP2ART implementation strategy (incorporating patient and professional resources and an asthma review template) and eliciting clinician feedback (n=9). 

Results: Audit and feedback design was guided by and mapped to existing literature suggestions and theory (e.g. Theoretical Domains Framework, Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy). Feedback on the prototype audit and feedback confirmed feasibility but identified some refinements (a need to highlight supporting self-management and importance of asthma action plans). Pre-piloting informed integration with other IMP2ART programme strategies (e.g. patient resources and professional education).

Discussion: A multi-stage development process including theory exploration and mapping, contributed to the design and delivery of the audit and feedback. Aligned with the MRC framework, the IMP2ART strategy (incorporating the audit and feedback) is now being tested in a UK-wide cluster randomised controlled trial.

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Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
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Munich 2023
Kirstie McClatchey 1, Aimee Sheldon 1, Liz Steed 2, Jessica Sheringham 3, David Price 4, Stephanie Taylor 2, Hilary Pinnock 1 1 The University Of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2 Queen Mary University of London, London, United Kingdom, 3 University College London, London, United Kingdom, 4 Optimum Patient Care, Cambridge, United Kingdom