Multidisciplinary tuberculosis care: leveraging the role of hospital pharmacists

16 May 2023

Background: Optimal pharmacological treatment of tuberculosis (TB) requires a multidisciplinary team, yet the hospital pharmacist's role is unclear. We aimed to analyze hospital pharmacist-provided clinical pharmacy services (CPS) implementation in TB care.

Methods: A survey-based online cross-sectional study on hospital pharmacists in Indonesia. Outcomes were the extent of pharmacists' involvement in multidisciplinary TB care, TB-related CPS provided, and views on TB-related CPS. The likelihood of pharmacists' involvement in multidisciplinary TB teams was assessed using logistic regression.

Results: In total, 439 pharmacists (mean age 31.2, 78% female) completed the survey. Thirty-six percent were part of multidisciplinary TB care and 23% had TB-related tasks. Adherence monitoring (90%) and drug use evaluation (86%) were the most conducted TB-related CPS. Pharmacists' views on TB-related CPS implementation were generally positive, except for financial incentives. Work experience (OR:1.99, CI:1.09-3.61), ever received TB-related training (OR:3.51, CI:2.03-6.14) and specific assignments to provide TB-related CPS (OR:8.42, CI:4.99-14.59) significantly increased pharmacist involvement in multidisciplinary TB care. 

Conclusion: Around one-third of hospital pharmacists are part of multidisciplinary TB care with medication adherence and drug use monitoring as primary tasks. Pharmacists' experience, training, assignment to provide TB-related CPS, and financial incentives are key elements for their further implementation in multidisciplinary TB care. 

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Munich 2023
Deni Iskandar 1,2,3, Ivan Surya Pradipta 4, Ani Anggriani 3, Maarten J. Postma 1,2, Job F.M. van Boven 1,2,5 1 University Of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2 University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Groningen, The Netherlands, 3 Bhakti Kencana University, Bandung, Indonesia, 4 Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia, 5 Monash University, Melbourne, Australia