Knowledge and Attitudes of Kyrgyz physicians towards Sleep Medicine: results of the SMAKK survey

15 May 2023
Introduction: As in most low-and middle-income countries, sleep medicine in the Kyrgyz Republic is not a developed clinical specialty. Despite this, previous studies showed that sleep disorders are very prevalent and morbidity and mortality is high. There is no available data about Kyrgyz physicians’ knowledge and attitudes towards sleep medicine. Methods: A total of 61 physicians from different specialties including primary care were asked to complete an online survey with 43 questions to assess their knowledge of sleep disorders` classification, diagnosis and treatment, to explore their past training and willingness to develop knowledge and skills in this field and to explore the need for sleep medicine in their clinical practice. Results: 88% of physicians, of whom 33% work in primary care, completed the online survey. 92% of participants knew what an obstructive sleep apnea is, but only 70% of them knew how to diagnose it and only 44% knew how to treat it. 89% of participants knew what insomnia is, but only 48% of them knew how to diagnose it and only 30% knew how to treat it. 67% of participants do not have the possibility to diagnose and treat sleep disorders within their institution and 98% of them would like to have the opportunity to refer patients to a specialized sleep center for diagnosis and treatment. 77% of participants felt they didn’t receive sufficient training in sleep disorders from medical school and/or residency and 91% of them would like to receive additional training. Conclusions: Kyrgyz physicians know about the existence of sleep disorders, but lack knowledge about their diagnosis and treatment. There is a deficiency of specialized sleep centers in the country where to refer these patients. Training of medical professionals including primary care doctors and implementation research studies in sleep medicine are urgently needed in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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Munich 2023
Azat Bolotbek Uulu1,3, Nurdin Shakiev1,3, Adilet Omuralieva1,3, Gulzada Mirzalieva1,3, Maamed Mademilov1,3, Talant Sooronbaev1,3, Lorenzo Cirri2,3, Tsogyal Daniela Latshang2,3 1Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, National Center of Cardiology and Internal Medicine named after acad. M.Mirrakhimov, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 2Dept. of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Cantonal Hospital of the Grisons, Teaching Hospital of the University Zurich, Chur, Switzerland , 3Swiss-Kyrgyz Research Initiative, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic