Effects of an mHealth system on adherence to a maintenance program after pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD patients. Randomized controlled trial

05 May 2022
Clinical Research Results Abstract In total, 44 patients were recruited and randomized in the control group (n=24) and HappyAir group (n=20). Eight patients dropped out for various reasons. The CAP FISIO questionnaire results showed an improvement in adherence during follow-up period for the HappyAir group, which was statistically different compared with the control group at 12 months (56.1 [SD 4.0] vs 44.0 [SD 13.6]; P=.004) after pulmonary rehabilitation. Research Idea Abstract To compare the level of adherence to a post-PR maintenance program, consisting of respiratory physiotherapy and physical activity, among a group of patients monitored with the mHealth system HappyAir™, versus another group performing the same maintenance program without a self-monitoring system. Service Development & Evaluation Abstract Randomized clinical study with two groups, single-blind and long-term follow-up for 12 months, carried out in a population of COPD patients and developed in three hospitals of Madrid Community and at home.Variables analyzed were adherence to the program, adherence to physical activity, quality of life, exercise capacity and lung function. Declaration of Interest This study was financed by the board of Lovexair Foundation. HappyAir in intellectual property of lovexair foundations. SF is its president References and Clinical Trial Registry Information

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Respiratory conditions
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Malaga 2022
Begoña Jiménez Reguera, Universidad CEU San Pablo