Varenicline's public financing effectiveness and efficiency in Malaga

05 May 2022
Type of resource
Malaga 2022
Francesco Milia-Perez, Distrito Sanitario Malaga-Guadalhorce
Clinical Research Results Abstract Research Idea Abstract Research question: Is effective and efficient the public financing of varenicline in Malaga?Background: Nicotine’s use and abuse is the main avoidable cause of death worldwide, and is also one of the most dangerous risks for the public healthcare system’s sustainability. The combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies, specially using varenicline as the pharmacological option, has shown to be the most effective strategy to achieve tobacco use cessation. On January 1st 2020, the Spanish National Healthcare Service (SNS) approved public funding of varenicline for this purpose, under three requirements (dependence to nicotine, daily consumption and previous cessation attempts). The measure was passed despite the lack of economic evaluations about this strategy in our environment. Methods: A 12-month, multicentric, prospective, parallel-group, cohort study will be performed in six Health Care Centres belonging to the Malaga-Guadalhorce Health Care District. Patients who do not accomplish SNS funding criteria will be assigned to a control cohort (CC) and will receive usual treatment (behavioural therapy, through individual and collective interventions), while patients who meet the criteria will be assigned to an intervention cohort (IC), and will receive a combination of varenicline and behavioural therapy. 12-months smoking cessation rates will be compared between CC and CI and, as secondary objective, self-perceived life’s quality will be analyzed. Primary data will be used to perform an intention-to-treat analysis and an economic evaluation, including a cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis.Questions to discuss: This study aims to analyze the effectivity and efficiency of the combination of varenicline and behavioural therapy for tobacco use cessation, comparing it with the usual non-pharmacological treatment. It will also measure its influence on patients’ self-perceived health. Service Development & Evaluation Abstract Declaration of Interest Trial registration is already submitted and waiting for approval. No private funding has been asked or received. References and Clinical Trial Registry Information