Campaign on understanding attitudes towards the Blue Reliever Asthma Inhaler and reliance on it

05 May 2022
Clinical Research Results Abstract Introduction: In 2020, The Slovenian branch of IPCRG (International Primary Care Respiratory Group) launched a campaign to raise awareness among family physicians about the over-reliance on short-term relievers. We also started cooperating with the Association of Lung and Allergy Patients of Slovenia, which started a campaign aimed at the lay public. Part of this campaign is a reliance test from the IPCRG group, which helps patients with asthma and healthcare professionals assess the level of reliance on short-term relievers. Patients could check and answer the questions themselves on the website, print the results and bring it with them to the outpatient clinic for examination, or they can save it together with a doctor or nurse during the examination.Methods: By the help of IPCRG we translated Blue Reliever Inhaler reliance test (1-5), which was developed by leading expert in behavioural medicine Professor Rob Horne, University College London (UCL), in collaboration with colleagues from clinically-led group International Primary Care Respiratory Group. The translation and back translation lasted from April 2020 till July 2020. The campaign started in April 2021Results: We collected data of visitors of the website from April 2021 till December 2021. 385 visitors responded to the test in April,14 in May, 29 in June, 2 in July, 0 in August, 1 in September, 59 in October, 81 in November and 45 in December. A more detailed analysis of the answers to each question is still ongoing and will be presented at the meeting.Discussion: Associations, such as the Association of Lung and Allergy Patients of Slovenia (, play an important role in education of lay public. Slovenian branch of IPCRG organised a campaign about reliance on blue reliever inhaler and empowered cooperation with patients, family physicians, nurses, pharmacists and pulmonologist. References:1 NICE guidelines [NG80]. Asthma: diagnosis, monitoring and chronic asthma management. November 2017.2 Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). Pocket Guide for asthma management and prevention (for adults and children older than 5 years). 2019. Available at: [last access: 8 May 2019).3 Price D. Fletcher M. van der Molen T. NPJ Prim Care Respir Med. 2014; 24:14009. 4 Partridge MR. van der Molen T. Myrseth SE. et al. BMC Pulm Med. 2006; 6:13.5 Horne R. Weinman J, Hankins M. Psychology & Health 1999; 14(1): 1–24. Research Idea Abstract Service Development & Evaluation Abstract Declaration of Interest References and Clinical Trial Registry Information

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Malaga 2022
Danica Rotar Pavlic, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ljubljana
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