Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the SABA Reliance Questionnaire (SRQ) among Spanish asthma patients.

05 May 2022
Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
Type of resource
  • Asthma Right Care
Malaga 2022
María Mar Martínez, Centro de Salud Zorroza
Clinical Research Results Abstract IntroductionOver-reliance and overuse of short-acting β-agonists (SABA) is associated with an increased risk of asthma attacks, exacerbations and mortality in patients with asthma.1,2 SABA over-reliance relates to the beliefs patients hold about their treatment.2 The SRQ assesses patients’ beliefs about SABA that may lead to over-reliance and provides useful information to manage inappropriate medication use.3 The aim of this study was to psychometrically evaluate a translated and culturally adapted Spanish version of the SRQ. MethodsThis study was a cross-sectional, multi-centre, psychometric validation study. Participants were adult patients with asthma, treated with SABA and ICS, recruited at 10 Spanish primary care centres during their routine visit. In addition to the Spanish version of the SRQ, consented participants completed a survey consisting of the following validated tools: SRQ, BMQ, MARS-9, TAI, TSQM and a VAS item on patients’ perception of the importance of their reliever inhaler. Reliability (ordinal alpha) and validity (convergent and discriminant) of SRQ were evaluated. Concurrent validity was demonstrated through significant correlations between SRQ sum score and: BMQ-Specific, VAS and TSQM. Discriminant validity was evaluated through differences in mean SRQ sum score between patients with high and low adherence to ICS.ResultsA total of 131 participants (35.1% male; mean age: 45.6 years) were recruited and had valid data for analysis. Clinical characteristics of the cohort are shown in Table 1. Ordinal alpha was 0.85 indicating good internal consistency. SRQ significatively correlated with the VAS item, BMQ-specific and TSQM effectiveness and global satisfaction dimensions, demonstrating satisfactory convergent validity (Table 2). Discriminant validity was not demonstrated.DiscussionThe Spanish version of the SRQ showed good psychometric properties in terms of reliability and convergent validity. Discriminant validity was not demonstrated but this also depends on the sensitivity of the questionnaires used for such analysis. Research Idea Abstract Service Development & Evaluation Abstract Declaration of Interest JC López, J Molina, MM Martínez, M Sorribas, M Arancón, R de Simón, D Díaz, E Trillo-Calvo and JT Gómez have received honorarium from AstraZeneca to participate as researchers in the SRQ-Spain study.J Sánchez-Covisa and P Chaparro are AZ employees.M Alegría is employee of IQVIA, the CRO contracted by AZ to perform project management for this study.M Artés and C Calle are employees of Adelphi Targis, the CRO contracted by AZ to conduct the study.H Foot provides freelance consulting for UCL business company Spoonful of Sugar Ltd. References and Clinical Trial Registry Information 10.1038/npjpcrm.2015.21