Heated Tobacco Products direct marketing and Young Adults – results of a qualitative study

05 May 2022
Clinical Research Results Abstract Introduction: Heated tobacco products have a rapid uptake, especially among young people, mostly where the advertising is unregulated, as is the case of Romania. This qualitative study explores the influence of direct marketing methods used for the advertising of heated tobacco products have on young people, their perception and behavior towards smoking. Methods: We used a mixed-methods study design. We designed a survey that explored the topic with a larger sample of young people and help inform recruitment sampling and the development of the topic guide for the qualitative study. We undertook 19 interviews with smokers of heated tobacco products or/and combustion cigarettes or non-smokers, aged 18 to 26. A thematic approach was used for analysis.Results: We identified three overarching themes: 1. people, places and subjects of marketing, 2. engagement with risk narratives and 3. social body, family bonds and autonomous self. Even if most of the participants have been exposed to a mix of marketing methods, they did not acknowledge the influence that marketing has on their decision to experience smoking. Discussions: The possibility to circumvent indoor smoking bans in association with attributes like novelty, attractive appearance and technological appeal, along with the pricing and legislation gaps seem to favor young people’s decision on using heated tobacco products. A direct implication for practice is that heated tobacco products and the risks associated to their use should be included in all preventive interventions for smoking cessation with young people. Research Idea Abstract Service Development & Evaluation Abstract Declaration of Interest This study was funded by a research grant from the International Primary Care Respiratory Group.The authors have no conflict of interests to declare.Ethics approval for conducting the study was obtained from the Bioethics Committee of University “Ovidius” of Constanta References and Clinical Trial Registry Information

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Respiratory conditions
  • Tobacco Dependence
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Malaga 2022
Sergiu Chirila, RespiRO, CNSMF / Ovidius University