Evaluating the Reliever Reliance Test in community pharmacy: a study in London, UK, focusing on service delivery

05 May 2022
Respiratory conditions
  • Asthma
Type of resource
  • Asthma Right Care
Malaga 2022
Darush Attar-Zadeh, Pharmacists Consortium London North West
Clinical Research Results Abstract Research Idea Abstract Outline of the Research questionThe Reliever Reliance Test (RRT) is a tool devised to help asthma patients understand how they should use their reliever and preventer inhalers. It has been found effective in trials1.Pharmacists in NW London are addressing the question: can introducing patients to the RRT in community pharmacies, with the offer of a subsequent consultation, provide a means of encouraging patients to explore their apparent over-reliance on SABA?BackgroundUK community pharmacies are visited by asthma patients frequently, and commonly the inter-personal relationships, accessibility and patterns of attendance differ from those associated with GP surgeries and clinic settings. When supporting asthma patients, this brings distinct opportunities and challenges. These need full consideration if the RRT is to be successfully introduced into a community pharmacy support pathway for widespread use.The support pathway utilising the RRT is being designed and evaluated as part of the IPCRG Asthma Right Care project to test the RRT in four different consultation scenarios. Possible methodology10 community pharmacies will use a pre-agreed structured protocol as a means of encouraging patients to explore their apparent over-reliance on SABA. Potentially over-reliant patients will be identified, will be invited to complete the RRT in their own time, and be offered a follow-up consultation. A protocol has been designed and structured in a way suitable for use by pharmacists with different experience levels.Community pharmacy focus group meetings have been used to refine the pathway and its questionnaire-based qualitative evaluation.Questions to discussKey design challenges include the need for the support pathway:to involve a realistic amount of patient and pharmacist timefor it to allow some flexibility based on needs of individual patients and pharmacists’ knowledge of themnot to compromise the self-reflective nature of the RRT, whilst encouraging patient engagement.atient engagement. Service Development & Evaluation Abstract Declaration of Interest The work reported here is being supported by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group, with funding from AstraZeneca. References and Clinical Trial Registry Information Chan, A,H,Y., Katzer, C,B,, Horne, R. et al SABA Reliance Questionnaire (SRQ): Identifying Patient Beliefs Underpinning Reliever Overreliance in Asthma. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2020 Nov-Dec;8(10):3482-3489.e1. doi: 10.1016/j.jaip.2020.07.014.